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Malaria Control

 While there are substantial resources being deployed to fight malaria on a global level, remote parts of Eastern Indonesia still have high infection rates. There was no malaria control program on this roadless coast when HAS began its work .  We have achieved success in our primary service area, and aim to become a leading force driving malaria control / elimination on the island of Sumbawa, with programs focused on central Sumbawa.

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Primary Health Care


The HAS clinic in Sili hamlet, initially built as part of our malaria program, now provides villagers with their only regular access to primary medical care. 

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Under-nutrition is prevalent during the long dry season which runs June through November. HAS is improving the deficient diet by introducing irrigated, fenced kitchen gardens and small orchards. A living fence is made by sticking cuttings in the ground which grow into a dense barrier. The key elements to these programs include low-cost irrigation systems, living-fence field enclosures, and nutrition education. The programs are organized as a Garden Club for children and an agricultural cooperative for adults.


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 Generally there is no running water & few toilets in these villages. Drinking and bathing water comes from a handful of hand dug wells in the village centers.   The water is subject to contamination by parasites. HAS improves access to clean drinking water  by digging new wells & providing  tools & techniques to manage water quality, including water filters &  public toilets.  

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The Environment


Tons of discarded plastic bottles and bags pollute roadsides, rivers and beaches throughout the developing world. For an island nation like Indonesia, most of this ends up in the sea.  Sumbawa’s relative poverty offers a window of opportunity to put recycling practices in place before the waste management problem becomes overwhelming. HAS recognizes an important opportunity to contribute to the recycling solution in Sumbawa, and we are implementing several recycling techniques and community initiatives. 

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The Future



HAS intends to stay deeply involved with these communities over the long term. We will build a simple eco-lodge or beach-camp in Sili village to accommodate visiting staff and paying volunteers. This will allow us to invite public health professionals, teachers, farmers, and students to study, contribute to, and learn from this dynamic experiment in remote community development.


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