Health Programs

Beyond Malaria-A Broader health Mission


Today, 1,000 villagers, 100 % of the population in our service area of 3 villages,  sleep under safe insecticide treated bed nets. Two local nurses have successfully completed training as WHO certified malaria microscopists. We built a simple malaria clinic with running water, the first running water and first toilet in Sili village. In short, your generous support is making a difference!  For the first time in history, malaria is well controlled in our service area.   There remains much to do, however

A Broader Health Mission

The HAS clinic in Sili now provides villagers with their only regular access to primary medical care. There are few health services in the Cempi Bay area. Indonesia offers subsidized health care to its citizens at public hospitals and free childhood immunizations, but to access these services a villager must travel 1 1⁄2 hours by boat, then another hour by motorbike. This travel costs more than most villagers can afford, so they do without.  Prior to HAS, when people in our service area  became sick they generally took to their beds and waited to get well .

Our clinic in Sili village coordinates with the Sumbawa Health Department to  provide nursing level primary health care to the general public 6 days a week. The nurses must do the best they can with whatever ailments present, because they provide the only access to  health services in our valley. They consult by phone with a government doctor at the regional hospital, and organize evacuations when required.

Most births in this area occur at home in the traditional way without professional medical assistance. 

HAS  partnered with the health Department to support the women’s health visiting nurse program, which is well respected by the people. The program provides child & maternal health services, including  midwifes.  Nurses offers prenatal exams and counseling  during a woman’s pregnancy. The visiting nurse also administers polio vaccinations to children. The HAS clinic gives her a place to work & stay when she visits Sili.

In 2019-2020 HAS will double the size of its service area, and continue programs that promote improved access to basic health care.   We also fund clean water, public sanitation, nutrition, and environmental clean-up programs.