Because Good Health Should Not Stop At The End Of The Road.

Because Good Health Should Not Stop At The End Of The Road.Because Good Health Should Not Stop At The End Of The Road.

Learn about our charitable organization, malaria control, healthcare for remote communities, and how you can help!


Dear Friends of HAS,

 An ancient proverb tells us that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today. This truth applies  equally well to  the tasks  of fighting malaria, COVID-19, hunger, poverty and the destruction of our natural environment. Health Access Sumbawa works at all of  these missions with a sense of urgency. The time is late, but it's never too late. Our dedicated  directors, staff  & volunteers hope you will  join us.  We have learned that our individual actions can make a huge difference, especially when we join in common cause with others.   So look us over, consider your possible involvement, and then take a moment to drop me a line.  I would love to hear from you.



Jack Kennedy, Founder, Health Access Sumbawa Inc. 

About Us


Our Mission

"Health For Remote Communities" is what we do.  Health Access Sumbawa (HAS) improves access to vital health  services such as malaria control for people living in malaria-endemic communities. HAS health & community development programs  focus on the needs of families on the remote island of Sumbawa, Indonesia, but are not limited to any particular geographic location. We operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of 501 (c) (3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. 


Our Story

 In 2014, founder Jack Kennedy contracted malaria following a visit to Sili village on Cempi Bay in Central Sumbawa. This personal experience opened his eyes to the unsolved problem of malaria in Eastern Indonesia. Later that year, Jack joined with two close friends to provide the seed money to begin HAS’s work. The original mission was to control malaria in three hamlets named Sili, Maci and Panubu within three years for “the price of a car”. HAS accomplished its initial goal in November of 2017. There remained much more to do, however. 


Our People & Organizations

 What started as a 3 year project for founders Jack Kennedy, Pete Skinner, & Donna Flynn has grown into a small group of registered not-for-profit charities in three countries.


Foundations & Civic Organizations

Special thanks to the  following organizations : 

Individual Donors

 Grateful for the ongoing  support from all our donors, with special mention to the following individuals: 

Charles Alexander & Charlotte Glinka, Lydia Atkins & Philip Nield, Daniel & Katherine Barnes, Damian & Rachael Bowman, Mary Beth Brown, James & Marty Carter, Richard Church Jr., Hester & Nat Clapp, Donna Flynn & Dick Picard, Larry Genthner, Joe Guttentag, Carolyn Hardman, Jack & Kathleen Kennedy, Kathleen Enger, Gretchen & Clytie Kennedy, Donald & Jane Leeber, Sue & Bud Lewis, Laura & John Masek, Eugenie & Ron Maine, Don & Robbin May, Sandy & Steve McCarty, Peter & Amy McNaughton, John Monterisi & Cheryl Hutt, William Paine, James Pinney, Ronald & Suzanne Phillips, Blair & Sherry Pyne, Becky Recor, Martha & Brendan Roche, Lee & Linda Schiller, John Schindler & Jane Wissman, Louise Segreto, Mary Sheldon, Margaret Skinner, Peter Skinner & Betsy Wyman, Robert & Jackie Sperandio, David Stackhouse, Mark & Andrea Stewart, Bill Walker, Karen & Robert Wilson, Sam & Tracy Zager, 

Corporate & Government Partners

HAS receives essential support from:

  •  The Sumbawa Department of Health
  • Office of Bupati, Sumbawa Besar.
  •  Venture Trading Inc.

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