HAS Organizations



 Health Access Sumbawa Inc. (HAS INC), a Maine USA registered NGO,  is  governed by a board of six directors, all of whom are donors and none of the officers or directors receive any compensation from HAS. Jack is President,  HAS INC works closely with two sister organizations,, one in Indonesia, the other in Australia.



  HAS INDO is our non-profit in Indonesia. The nurses, social workers, farm managers, and administrators  who implement the programs in Sumbawa all work for HAS INDO.  We lead in Sumbawa from the bottom. Our amazing team of village-level  staff and part-time volunteers  turn visions of a better life  into action.  Health Access Sumbawa Indonesia (HAS INDO) is governed by a local board, guided by the founder, Jack Kennedy.



 HAS INC recently registered a public charity in Australia, Health Access Sumbawa LTD, ( HAS OZ), to facilitate donor support there. Three of the four directors are Australians with connections to Sumbawa. Directors Damian Bowman, Chris Webb, Donna Potts & Jack Kennedy are all volunteers. There is no paid staff at HAS OZ.

HAS INC is an all-volunteer organization in USA with no paid staff.

See profiles of HAS INC directors below.

HAS INDO Implements all HAS programs in Indonesia. This gives us excellent transparency & control.

Indonesian paid staff now includes three nurses, 2 microscopists,  a teacher-social worker, a head gardener, a clinic administrator, and senior managers.

HAS OZ was created to enhance fundraising with our Australian supporters.

As Indonesia's closest neighbor, Australia is a natural stake-holder in the mission to eliminate malaria & relieve poverty.

HAS INC Directors

Jack Kennedy, Chairman



 John (Jack) Kennedy is the son of a public health doctor who specialized in tropical medicine, He grew up in the South Pacific and South East Asia. 

After college and military service, Jack spent five years as Business Manager for a new diversified  fruit growing operation.  He has had a keen interest in the  economics of family farms ever since. 

In his late twenties Jack joined a start-up company in a small Connecticut village and spent 5 years helping the founder build it into a $100 million dollar company.  He went on to pursue a successful career in international business, including activities in Indonesia.

Jack and his wife Kathleen now live in Maine.  A lot of his time since 2014 has been devoted to Health Access Sumbawa in his roles as founder, president, and chairman.

Pete Skinner, Co-founder, Director


  Peter Skinner grew up in a small town nestled in the mountains of southern Vermont.  He is a NY state  registered professional engineer. Pete  currently designs, installs, researches and teaches about residential and commercial solar thermal systems.  This is a second career. Pete  worked for the New York State Attorney General’s Environmental Protection Bureau for 3 decades supervising a team of scientists who participated in a wide array of environmental litigation, legislation and policy development.  

In his spare time, Skinner works on fund raising for the Waldenstrom’s Foundation, Health Access Sumbawa Inc, paddles his favorite whitewater, mountain bikes with Jack, plays keyboards and spends time and travels with his partner and sons.

Donna Flynn, Co-founder, Director


 Donna Flynn is a product development and retail merchandising expert with more than 35 years of experience. Her last position was as  vice president of merchandising at Reitmans Canada, a national chain.  Donna  worked in fashion merchandising in Hong Kong, Canada, and France.

Donna is known for her ability to create an environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged, as well as the power of teamwork. Since her retirement Donna  splits her time between mid-coast Maine and Jacmel, Haiti, West Indies, where she has deep roots.  
Donna serves on the committee for the annual “Hearts and Hands “Haiti benefit in Newcastle, Maine. She is a member of the board for the Miles Memorial Hospital League in Damariscotta,


Lee Schiller, Treasurer, Director


  Lee Schiller grew up near New York city.  After college, he worked in the computer industry for over 40 years, in Massachusetts and North Carolina.  In retirement, he lives with his wife, Linda, in South Bristol, on the midcoast of Maine. 

Lee's involvement with HAS began when he attended a presentation by Jack at a local library in late, 2016.  He is also a first responder for the South Bristol Volunteer Fire Department and does trail maintenance for the Damariscotta River Association.

He enjoys travel and a number of outdoor activities, especially sailing.

John Monterisi, Director


  John Monterisi learned about Jack's work in Sumbawa through a local newspaper article. He met Jack for lunch, and ended up visiting the clinic with Jack in 2016. Since then he has been involved with supporting HAS, Inc. and its mission.

John was an attorney in Boston for almost 30 years. Now he teaches part-time at Cambridge College School of Management, plays and records music with bands in Boston and midcoast Maine, travels, and studies vipassana Buddhism and meditation.

He has served on the boards of Yaguara,Inc., a Jaguar conservation program in Costa Rica, and Cambridge Insight Meditation Center. 

Margaret Skinner, Director


Margaret Skinner is a Research Professor at the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences at the University of Vermont. Her research activities deal primarily with different aspects of integrated pest management   (IPM). IPM is an ecological approach to managing agricultural pest problems using  multiple compatible tactics, including sanitation, survey and detection, biological control,  trap cropping and chemical control. Chemical pesticides are used as a last resort.

Margaret frequently travels internationally to pursue her research. She is an innovator in her home state of Vermont as well.  founder of Branch Out Burlington and numerous other Green and small farm initiatives.